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Britney's Gram

Jun 21, 2018

Brit and Tess recap their sombrero adventure. Since there's no Brit posts this week, we head over to find her on sister Jamie Lynn's feed, and Jamie Lynn's husband Jamie's feed as well. So many Jamies. 

Also a great #tbt post of Britney's love of learning.

Jun 14, 2018

Britney is in Miami, and Babs and Tess hit the road in search of a sombrero that Britney posted from her favorite Mexican restaurant in Thousand Oaks. Do they find it in the parking lot of a strip mall? Listen to find out!

Jun 7, 2018

What a thrilling week on the gram! Brit hits us with a dirt courtyard and a scene from Pretty Woman, some mysterious backstage pics with backup dancers, a throwback to an SNL sketch paying unknown homage to current Britney, and some time with the boys. 

May 31, 2018

Brit loves pranks and she shows it this week with a #TBT that showcases maybe her best acting ever? She posts an old Vine and we question where she got it from - also some nearly identical selfies with the kids and the apples of knowledge. It's another Britney's Gram!


May 24, 2018

It's been a dark week on the gram - could this be related to K-Fed bugging Brit for more child support? The gals analyze two old posts - a regram of tomatoes from Cameron Diaz with a cryptic inside joke and a meme that might go deeper than Brit realized.