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Britney's Instagram

Nov 16, 2017

Britney's back on a new veranda, with a new painting, and Tess and Babs go (maybe too far) in depth discussing the new video. They also chat about Robin Leach's purchase of Britney's flower painting, a peach cobbler listener theory, and there's a special preview of our interview with Crossroads director Tamra Davis,...

Nov 9, 2017

Bryan Safi (@bryansafi) of Throwing Shade joins Tess and Babs to discuss Britney's Halloween day post in front of what appears to be a blind horse. We also discuss Britney's "Gimme One Reason" fashion show, and the now-classic Britney and Mariah Carey dinner party gram.

Nov 2, 2017

In this inaugural episode of Britney's Instagram, comedians Tess Barker and Barbara Gray discuss their reason behind starting the podcast, and they breakdown Britney's video of her painting on her veranda.