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Britney's Gram

Feb 28, 2019

The Lioness is still hibernating, so we check out some of Sam's feed and dissect Jamie Lynn's tomboy makeup tutorial, plus discuss what we think Brit did to celebrate Hollywood's biggest night. 

Our biggest takeaway is BRITNEY WHERE ARE YOU?

Feb 21, 2019

A series of mysterious Instagram stories posts from Sam on Valentine's Day finally give us proof of life! But why did Sam delete his first V-day post of Brit? Was she the one who made him take it down? 

Plus, we look back at Brit's wedding to K-Fed and surmise that she has already had the wedding of her dreams. 

Feb 14, 2019

We had some big news this week, in the form of a tweet from Blackout producer Danja, who appears to have been in the studio with Brit working on her latest album! 

This has us all kinds of excited thinking about whether we're about to get a Blackout 2. We also fall down a rabbit hole looking at the series of attempts at...

Feb 7, 2019

We're on day 26 of the Governy shutdown and we are desperate, baby. But of course, Tess finds some old gems from Britney mentioning the conservatorship in a previous interview, and we do aa #TBT with Brit and her best friend, aka, the photo booth app on a Mac. 

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